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      Are you tired of living with constant back pain that hinders your daily activities and steals your joy?

      PainRakshak Kit is a Herbal way to treat all types of muscle Pain and Relieve Discomfort in minutes !

      The PainRakshak Kit is a topical analgesics designed to provide temporary relief from back pain. 

      Instant Lasting Relief

      Experience immediate relief as our herbal spray goes to work, penetrating deep into the affected area, and soothing your lumbar discomfort. Say goodbye to those unbearable moments and regain control of your life with ease and comfort.

      All-Natural Ingredients

      We believe in the power of nature, which is why we've carefully selected a blend of premium herbal extracts known for their pain-relieving properties..

      • Helpful in joint pain such as knee pain, back pain, elbow pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and other joint discomforts
      • Enriched with the goodness of 10 Ayurvedic herbs
      • Anyone can use for joint discomforts
      • Free from harmful chemicals

      The Painrakshak Kit comes in a pack of 4, where you get :-

      • 2 pieces of Painrakshak oil (60ml)
      • 1 piece of Painrakshak rollon (60ml)
      • 1 piece of Painrahit balm
      Body pain can be very hard to deal with, whether it is in old age when the body starts to weaken, or during any other stage of life. The gentle application of Painrakshak pain relief oil helps ease the pain to some extent, efficiently and effectively. With the herbal goodness of 10 beneficial ingredients whose oil is extracted naturally to maintain the integrity of their base qualities, Dr. Ortho pain relief oil is highly potent and beneficial for everyday usage. It is an ayurvedic pain relief oil with a blend of Gandhapura Oil, Nirgundi Oil, Jyotishmati Oil, Til Oil, Alsi Oil, and Kapoor Oil, which provide their efficient qualities. It can be used effectively for knee pain, joint pain, frozen shoulders, wrist pain, back pain, knee pain at night, etc. The oil is one of the best joint pain relief oil in India, and it has gained the trust of over a million users. It has become a part of many households. Being one of the pain killer oils that also has a smooth texture, so it is easy to apply and seeps into the skin nicely, without being too sticky and uncomfortable for the application.

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        You can use Dr. Ortho Spray 2-3 times a day.

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